Tips To Playing Online Poker

Six Tips For Online Poker Every Player Should Know and Use

Today’s discussion is about poker playing tips. Now, some of the tips are on the basic level. Some of them are for the more advanced player. I felt it is pertinent to list both. seeing as how there are many players on both sides.

The Basic Rules To Get You By

Keep in mind, these are just beginner tips. These tips will help you get started. Those who want more advanced tips(because you already know them) you can skip on down to the next section.

1)Tight and Aggressive This might have been mentioned before, but it is important to know. Some of you learn better through charts and graphs; and, if that is the case, click here. There is a difference between knowing what beats what and knowing what is going to beat other more. That means you have to know which hands are going to outrank the others. Say, for example, you have the top two-pair in your hand. You are more than likely going to win the pot. However, you will lose if you are on the river with someone who has four clubs. The only way you can win the river shot is by having at least one club in your hand too. Otherwise, the other person gets the pot. That is one of the examples of what we mean by “tight and aggressive”.

2)Play For Free This advice is given to all newbies to the poker world. The only way you will know how you are doing is by playing for free. Your chances are going to be slim to known if you begin playing for real and with money. That is why the “play for free” option exists. New players have to develop some kind of system. They also have to learn the ropes. You never dive into the deep end of the pool unless you master the kiddie pool first(yes, I have used the metaphor before but it works).

3)Pay Attention Yes, you want to say “hi” to everyone and be cordial, but this is not the time for chitchat. Poker players(especially the advanced players) play hard. They know what they are doing and they do it well. They will take out a newbie to poker very fast and not think twice. You are not there to make a friend(in a conventional way). You have to keep your eye on the ball(to use a sports metaphor). The best thing to do is to keep an eye on one player from your right and two from your left. Those are the ones you will be involved with the most with poker. That can be challenging to do if you are new and playing online, as opposed to a real-time table game. However, paying attention to what the other players are doing is what will pull you through. Once again, you are not there to make friends unless you are playing with a friend. Even when you play with a friend, you will find that some of them are highly competitive and aggressive.

Tips For The Advanced Poker Player

This section is regulated for advanced poker players. You are the ones who have already mastered the basics and have been playing for a while. Many of the tips are used by pros today in tournaments or other advanced poker settings.

1)Beating The Micro Stakes The micro stakes refer to the 1 and 2 cent blinds up to the 50 cent blinds. The best way to win is to keep your stakes low for the blinds. Many players want to bet more so they win more. Keep your stakes low. We cannot stress that enough. This goes for new players and more advanced. Sometimes the more advanced players need a little reminder. Some advanced players start to get the idea they can just abandon the rules because they are more advanced. Not true.

2)The Pot and Preflop Every player(no matter how new or advanced you are)needs to enter a preflop with a raise. Limping is more common in live poker and less prevalent in online poker. It is important to know the difference. Players who choose the limp in the online games will be met with isolation from other players. Other players are going to isolate you and make your life miserable. That is because it creates the snowball effect which is a bad situation. You can find more information on this by clicking on this.

3)3-Bet Positioning You do not call that out of position. Players who call too many flops when they are out of positions to play are going to find themselves in a bad place. You can keep track of your positions by using the Poker Tracker Database.

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