Fast-Fold Poker Strategy

Tips for Fast-Fold Poker Strategy

Fast-Fold Poker is a whole different concept for poker mechanics which changes the basic set of strategies completely. Since you get only a minute at max to make your decisions, it is not wise to play with high-stakes as the is a wider room for error. Instead of playing recklessly, you can wait for good starting hands to have a better advantage in the game. The fast-fold poker eliminates all the distraction from the table, including the urge to provoke or take revenge on the opponent. Fast-fold poker is available to play on poker websites and mobile apps for a quick, entertaining game. While you play, here are the strategies that you can use.

Make use of your blind steals

Fast-fold poker provides a wider scope for bluffing more aggressively since players cannot read each other while they are playing from their computer screens. The players keep constantly changing so one cannot even jot down the playing style of someone. This allows you to play blind steals time to time to take away easy money as your opponents will not have much time to decide whether they should play the blind or not. In the traditional games, playing blinds time after time can make the opponents come back at you. But in fast-fold poker, you can use your anonymity to your advantage.

Keep an eye on the fast folds

Players can use the fast-fold strategy to play more hands in a session until they get good cards. The fast-fold button immediately folds the hand for you if when your turn arrives if you press it while the game is doing rounds. This can be used as an advantage in gaining information about your opponents. When you raise a hand, and your opponent is taking time to make a decision, it means that they have a hand that they want to play. Otherwise, they could use the fast-fold. Some players also keep playing in the hope for everyone to fold so they can use their blind steal.


Deal with the increasing tightness of fast-fold

While fast-fold poker games allow you to benefit from the tilted players who make huge bets without considering their hands, all you have to do is wait for the right cards. Once you get a good hand to play with, you can lure the tilted player into the game and take the wins. But it is usually common to find a player like you who will wait for the right cards to play. This can make the game boring as no one of you will play bad cards. Big bets can scare the timid players in online poker games, and there are plenty of them. You can experience the tilt based on this increasing tightness, and the same player can take advantage of you if you become reckless. The right strategy is to keep adjusting with the increasing tightness of the game.

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